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Welcome to a more efficient building solution that’s faster, greener and has far fewer constraints to the global supply chain. 

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Welcome to the future of construction

We are a diverse and eclectic group of individuals focused on bringing safe, affordable, and innovative building solutions to an outdated and underserved U.S. marketplace. We are driven to provide the best and safest way to sustainably build for any project or team across the United States by providing resilient and reliable materials, tailormade plans, and unparalleled service and training. With a globally recognized and proven product developed nearly four decades ago, you can rest assured that your project will yield the best possible outcome.

Years of Vero System

Less CO2 Emissions in daily use

Building Green For Over 40 Years

Buildings are huge energy consumers. Great waste comes from heating & cooling. Energy efficiency is the answer to reduce rising energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Our lightweight materials are easy to assemble, produce 40% less emissions during construction, and are hurricane resistant, fireproof, and blast resistant.


faster construction time


lower construction costs

only 13 different product codes

fully customizable panels (including radius)

Most effective and superior system of its kind.

Lightweight scip panels are accessible to everyone.

your imagination is the only limit

We strive to leave every place and person better than we found them – and we want you to join us. Schedule a free consultation today, and we’ll provide a custom estimate along with all the support you need to discover a better, safer, greener, and more efficient way of building.