About the vero Building system

We are here to make the world a better place, using a globally recognized and proven product developed nearly 40 years ago. We are bringing this system to the United States in a big way. 

What We Do

Manufacture Panels

We manufacture VERO panels out of polystyrene – only 13 skus to build anything!

Train You or Your Team

VERO provides training on the system. Even novices can build with this system.

Your Custom Design

We can help you to transform your architectural ideas into a sustainable, efficient and even earthquake resistant structure.

About SCIP Building Systems

A modular approach to infrastructure and public sector projects helps you accomplish more without expanding budgets.

The construction industry generates a massive amount of waste each year. In 2018 alone, the EPA estimated that construction and demolition accounted for 600 million tons of waste, which is more than twice the amount of municipal solid waste.

Obviously, this is an unsustainable pace at which the construction industry consumes resources — traditionally. There’s a better way to approach construction, though, one that minimizes waste and helps to conserve resources.


Our modular construction typically requires between one-third and half the time to complete a project compared to using traditional construction methods. Of course, shorter project timelines allow infrastructure, private and public sector projects to begin delivering value sooner than they would otherwise. Over time, the faster completion of these projects can make a positive economic and social impact.

In short, it’s the future of construction – and we are your ideal partner.

Interview with Co-Founder Annette Rubin

Vero Advantages


does not release harmful substances


save up to 40% construction time


save up to 30% on construction costs


all scraps are recyclable


light panels are cheaper to ship


resists microorganisms & mold


does not catch fire


Can Survive category 5 hurricanes


Freon Free - No CFCs or HCFCs


faster construction time


lower construction costs

can assemble a structure together


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