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General / Panels

VERO panels are lightweight, averaging 1.5lbs per sq ft (0.7lbs/sf - 2.11lbs/sf).

VERO manufactures each panel to meet your specific design and building needs. Our panels are 48” wide and up to 40’ long, depending your requirements.

Our panels have been tested to meet and exceed building code requirements. These include requirements for hurricane force winds, protection against fire, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, and earthquakes. Please review your local building codes for specific building requirements.

Our panels are manufactured from two raw materials: double galvanized steel wire mesh and expanded polystyrene. Steel is sustainable and one of the most recycled products on earth. VERO manufactures polystyrene blocks without using any toxic chemicals. Not only that, but our panels are 100% recyclable.

A more simple version of the SCIP panel has been used in several western states since 1967. VERO is the first SCIP manufacturer to operate in Florida.

Yes, VERO panels are approved for building use in Miami-Dade County.

Yes, VERO panels have been tested and meet or exceed building code requirements for ICC (International Code Council), IRC (International Residential Code), IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), and FBC-B and FBC-R (Florida Building Code, Building / Residential).

R 37 is the highest "Standard" panel. Custom panels can be made with higher R Values. Please contact us for more information.

45 decibel reduction.

Our panels replace siding, house wrap, OSB, wooden studs, fiberglass insulation, and drywall. All of these products are sourced from all over the world and transported to the jobsite. Like any petroleum-based product, managing waste often has the most effect on the environment. Our software allows us to manufacture the precise amount of panels required for each job to significantly reduce waste.

We can manufacture panels 48” wide X 40’ tall. Panel thickness ranges from 3.14” to 9.45” for standard panels. Panels can be joined together in the field to most any size. Please contact us for custom panels requiring increased thickness.

Absolutely! Our panels provide R Ratings from 9.2 to 36.2 for standard panels and custom panels can be created to produce up to 49.

VERO panels produce a more energy efficient home, requiring less energy consumption over the life of the structure. Additionally, far fewer building products are required to build a VERO home, reducing transportation CO2 emissions.

Installation / Construction

By installing kick braces. These braces keep panels square and supported during installation.

Your live load requirements will determine stair system length.

Our PSG3-240 floor panel can span 32’ without support and carry a live load of 35PSI.

By installing minimum ⅜” rebar every 12-16” on both sides of the panel prior to shotcrete application. Rebar must be embedded into slab or bored and epoxied.

Typically, our production cycle (from date of deposit/PO execution to complete panels loaded on a truck) is 8 weeks. When working with your account executive, please inquire about our current lead times.

Concrete anchors, furring strips, or metal studs connected to wire pre-plaster or concrete screws can be used, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Build time will vary according to the design of your home. The Vero Building System is comprised of only two raw materials (galvanized steel and polystyrene) combined into one unit. Erecting VERO panels is much quicker than building using wood studs, exterior sheathing, house wrap, insulation, & sheetrock.

All panels & wire mesh are included in your order. Shotcrete, rebar, rebar ties, and required supports are not included. These items should be purchased separately.

Absolutely! Our wall panels can sustain axial loads of 16,180 lbs (PSM80 – 6.3” wall thickness).

A crew can be trained to install Vero Building System Panels in a few hours. The application of shotcrete takes skilled laborers and specialized equipment.

A 4-person crew can install the Vero Building System on an average 2,000 sq ft home. Add approximately 2 people per additional 1,000 sq ft.

We provide unlimited online training and guidance for the entirety of your build.

Window and door “bucks” should be used to keep openings perfectly square prior to the shotcrete application. These “bucks” can be secured by mechanical fasteners driven through the face and into the EPS core. Shotcrete application will keep these in place for the life of your structure.

No certification is required to install Vero Building System Panels. The application of shotcrete might be regulated by your state's builders licensing division.

Electrical wire, conduit, and plumbing are run between the EPS and the welded wire mesh grid. For easier access, use a heat gun to evaporate the EPS. For larger diameter pipes (such as water main or drain), we recommend cutting the wire mesh to gain more access and replacing it with supplied flat mesh.

Vero Building Systems curved panels are manufactured to order using our patented radius equipment.

Buildings constructed using VERO panels can be completed in a variety of finishes or can be painted traditionally on smoothed plaster. The surface of the walls has the appearance of a thin sheet of reinforced plaster that can easily accommodate all types of wall coverings, including brick, timber clad, stone tiles, and rainscreen cladding. If drywall is preferred, our steel stud mounts can be applied prior to shotcrete every 16”.

Traditional foundations can be used and should be based on engineering specifications unique to your area and structure. Vero Building System Panels are connected to the foundation using 24” long 3/8” rebar on each side and staggered every 18”. Rebar can be “stubbed” in and then foundation poured or you can drill into foundation and use an epoxy rebar anchoring system.

Yes, you can use most any building material that can be screwed or anchored to concrete with our panels.

Walls can be added to previously constructed SCIP panels by adding rebar to slab and adjoining wall. Rebar must attach to new panels as detailed in our installation instructions. Previously constructed walls can be trimmed in length or openings cut for windows/doors by using a concrete saw and finishing cut edge as detailed in our installation instructions.

Using additional rebar and concrete. A diagram for your specific attachment will be shipped with your order.

VERO panels arrive covered. If covers are removed, panels should be strapped to the pallet to eliminate movement from wind gusts. EPS exposed to sunlight over long periods will discolor. Panels should be kept clean and protected until erected and covered with shotcrete.

Yes, our panels can be used as partition, curtain, and parapet walls.

Yes, our panels work great for basements. A waterproof membrane or coating must be used to protect against moisture seepage.

It is recommended to build the entire structure then apply shotcrete.

Cost / Sales Process

Building a VERO panel structure requires fewer skilled labor hours, fewer raw materials, and fewer subcontractors. Comparing a VERO panel-built structure to a dimensional lumber-built structure should provide minimum 10% total cash savings and 25-40% less time. You can complete approximately 3. VERO structures that are hurricane-rated, fire-rated, require less energy to heat and cool, and last you a lifetime in the time it would normally take to build just 2.

We offer free consultations with a custom estimate. Then, we create panel-adapted plans based off of your prospective project and provide unparalleled service and training, guiding and educating your team during the process. We offer resilient and reliable materials manufactured in the U.S.A. and shipped directly to your jobsite.

They are delivered on a flatbed truck directly to your jobsite.

Please call us at 850-446-5429 to get more information regarding Vero Building System structures in your area.

We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty against panel defects.

We’d love to connect with you and provide a free estimate for your project. Contact us at sales@verobuilt.com and send us your design.

Vero Building Systems does not provide an engineer's stamp of approval. Your State Certified engineer will need to provide final engineering approvals. We have an engineer on staff to provide additional information to your local engineer.