New Home Buyers

The VERO system is faster, more affordable, and more energy efficient than traditional building methods. All of the components are made right here in the U.S.A. So, the question is: why wouldn’t you build with VERO?


It's not just better, it's more affordable

Our partners save 30% or more vs. traditional building methods. Lighter components, reduced complexity and smaller teams save time and money so you can do more with less.

Only 13 modules for any project

We manufacture and deliver the modules to you. We supply equipment for making curves, cutting and assembling the pieces.

Reduced Supply Chain Risk

We manufacture everything right here in the U.S. Our process requires far less lumber than older building methods.

Eco Friendly Construction

Home buyers are clamoring for homes that are safer and more energy efficient. Our building systems use up to 65% less energy during use, are recylable, self-extinguishing, non-toxic and resistant to humidity, mold and pests.

also works with wood & block

The VERO system is flexible enough to be work in conjunction with traditional building methods.

Welcome to a better way to build.

Safer, More Durable, More Efficient – and More Affordable

When it comes to building your own home, you obviously want it to look good – but your true priority is the safety and reliability of those four walls. As someone who cares deeply about the well-being of your loved ones, you want to ensure that your home is built to withstand any disaster. You deserve safety and protection that’s affordable, so you can rest peacefully in the midst of any storm.

Vero Building Systems offers an energy efficient building solution for new home builders that replaces almost all lumber with a safer, sustainable, superior, and more durable alternative.

Vero Modular Building System

Sustainable and Innovative Building System

We are focused on bringing safe, affordable, and innovative building solutions to an outdated and underserved U.S. marketplace. We are driven to provide the best and safest way to sustainably build for any project or team across the United States by providing resilient and reliable materials, tailor-made plans, and unparalleled service and training. With a globally recognized and proven product developed nearly four decades ago, we’re here to educate and equip you with the confidence and knowledge to build your dream home. 

Tailor Made for Your Family

No more sleepless nights. No more costly reconstruction projects after a natural disaster. Rather than hiring someone that uses cookie-cutter plans, you can partner with a team that ensures your home is tailored to your family’s specific needs. Our involvement goes beyond just delivering materials, and we’re here to guide and educate your team during this process. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience and correct installation for every project, no matter the site. This is more than a construction project – this is your life and legacy. With VERO, you can feel confident that you’re building a happy, safe home for your family and future generations to come.

We strive to leave every place and person better than we found them – and we want you to join us. Schedule a free consultation today, and we’ll provide a custom estimate along with all the support you need to discover a better, safer, greener, and more efficient way of building.

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