Our Panels


Better. Safer. Faster. Greener.

Energy Efficient

Our panels provide improved insulation while dramatically reducing harmful emissions and monthly utility costs.

Custom Sizing

Our SCIP panels are manufactured to match your specific design requirements. They are 48” wide and can be up to 40’ long.

LEED Certifiable

Our panels meet all of the necessary prerequisites for buildings to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council's eco-friendly LEED certification. 

Simple Installation

Our building system features a full range of panel options to complete every part of your structure. Panels are lightweight, require less crew, and are delivered directly to your jobsite.

Enhanced Durability

Our panels have proven durability in severe weather conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, and earthquakes.

Efficient Training

A crew can be trained on how to install VERO Panels in just a few hours, and we offer unlimited online training resources.

Updated Pointers

What Are VERO Panels?

The Vero Building Systems panels are considered SCIP Panels, or Structural Concrete Insulated Panels. Our panels are built to be durable, sustainable, and efficient. We strive to provide the best building solution to an otherwise outdated and underserved U.S. marketplace.

Our panels are manufactured using sustainable raw materials with very low environmental impact. The core of our panels is construction-grade polystyrene with double-galvanized steel wire mesh on both sides. The two mesh layers are additionally welded together through the panel using double connectors for added strength. Once erected, a layer of shotcrete is applied to the front and rear of the panel on top of the steel wire mesh, creating a well-insulated, nearly indestructible component.

VERO's technology was created over 40 years ago in Italy. Currently, there are 77 manufacturing plants across the globe that have produced over one billion square feet of panels.

VERO Panel Features

Miami-Dade, ISO, ASTM, ANSI, & ICC Certified (Tested by DrJ Engineering)

Category 5 Hurricane-Rated & EF-5 Tornado Resistant (For Winds Up to 250mph)

Fireproof-Rated for Up to 120 Minutes

Termite Mold Resistant

Proven Durability in Severe Weather Conditions

Bullet & Explosion Resistant

Competitively Priced Compared to Traditional Building Materials

Customizable Insulation Rating Ranging from R-9 to R-37

Waste is Recyclable 

Almost Zero CO2 Emissions

More Affordable Than CMU Block & ICF by Up to 30%

Acoustic Insultation


Single Panel

Used for walls, partitions, cladding, floors, and roofs.


Double Panel

Used for R.C. walls, such as load-bearing walls and ground.


Curved Panel

Used for curved panels to create different shapes and cover large surfaces.


Stair Panel

Used for lightweight and resistant staircases.


Floor Panel

Used for floors and roofs with reinforced concrete beams.


Landing Panel

Used for landings, floors, and bidirectional armed plates.

FAQs for VERO Panels

VERO manufactures each panel to meet your specific design and building needs. Our panels are 48” wide and up to 40’ long, depending your requirements.

Our panels have been tested to meet and exceed building code requirements. These include requirements for hurricane force winds, protection against fire, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, and earthquakes. Please review your local building codes for specific building requirements.

Our panels are manufactured from two raw materials: double galvanized steel wire mesh and expanded polystyrene. Steel is sustainable and one of the most recycled products on earth. VERO manufactures polystyrene blocks without using any toxic chemicals. Not only that, but our panels are 100% recyclable.

Yes, VERO panels have been tested and meet or exceed building code requirements for ICC (International Code Council), IRC (International Residential Code), IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), and FBC-B and FBC-R (Florida Building Code, Building / Residential).

We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty against panel defects.

Are you ready for a better way to build?

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