What are vero panels?

Our panels are considered SCIP panels or Structural Concrete Insulated Panel. The core is Polystyrene with welded wire mesh on both sides. These two mesh layers are additionally welded together through the panel for added strength.

Once erected a concrete shell is applied on front and rear creating a well insulated, indestructible component.

Vero Building Systems technology was created 43 years ago in Italy. Currently there are 73 manufacturing plants across the globe that have produced over 1 Billion square ft. of panels. Spring 2023, Vero Building Systems will be produced in the USA and delivered directly to your job site


  • Concrete walls with R-19 insulation value 
  • Category 5 Hurricane rating 
  • Fireproof rated 120 min
  • Mold proof
  • Termite proof
  • Soundproof
  • Literally bullet and explosion proof


Only 13 components for any project

We custom manufacture components designed specifically for your structure and deliver them directly to your job site. Maximum width of 60” and length of 40’.

We provide onsite training and support.