Public Sector & Community Infrastructure

Do more with the public funds entrusted to your team, with approximately 30% lower total costs. Plus, our structures are more durable, more energy efficient, and can also double as shelters from hurricanes or tornados.


It's not just better, it's MORE AFFORDABLE

Our partners save 30% or more vs. traditional building methods. Lighter components, reduced complexity and smaller teams save time and money so you can do more with less.


Only 13 modules for any project

We manufacture and deliver the modules to you. We supply equipment for making curves, cutting and assembling the pieces.


Reduced Supply Chain Risk

We manufacture everything right here in the U.S. Our process requires far less lumber than older building methods.


Eco Friendly Construction

Home buyers are clamoring for homes that are safer and more energy efficient. Our building systems use up to 65% less energy during use, are recylable, self-extinguishing, non-toxic and resistant to humidity, mold and pests. 


also works with wood & block

The M2 system is flexible enough to be work in conjunction with traditional building methods.

Proven Solutions for Any Size Project

There’s never truly an end to improving our communities

When you’re working in the public sector or with government infrastructure projects, you have a responsibility to your people to ensure things are done right. However, with so many options available, it can feel impossible to determine the best route to take. All this time spent jumping through hoops takes time away from the good you could be doing, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on what matters most. What if there was a custom solution that applied to your community’s specific needs?

Welcome to a better way to build. Vero Building Systems offers an efficient building solution for individuals working in the public sector or with community infrastructure projects that will replace all your lumber with a safer, sustainable, superior, and more durable alternative.

Public Housing, Hurricane Resistant

Affordable, safer, sustainable and energy efficient

We are a diverse and eclectic group of individuals focused on bringing safe, affordable, and innovative building solutions to an outdated and underserved U.S. marketplace. We are driven to provide the best and safest way to sustainably build for any project or team across the United States by providing resilient and reliable materials, tailormade plans, and unparalleled service and training. With a globally recognized and proven product developed nearly four decades ago, we’re here to educate and equip you with the confidence and knowledge to take on your next project.

Rail Station

A Trustworthy Team Dedicated to Your Community

Don’t risk the safety of your community by using the wrong materials. Our dedicated and attentive team will take the time to fully understand your project and ensure you receive the right tools and support – all while staying within your budget and providing a superior finished product. Have confidence knowing that our primary concern is the betterment and well-being of communities around the world. We empower you to be the hero for your people.

We strive to leave every place and person better than we found them – and we want you to join us. Schedule a free consultation today, and we’ll provide a custom estimate along with all the support you need to discover a better, safer, greener, and more efficient way of building.

Consult with a VERO SCIP System Expert