The Future of Building Better

Replace traditional building materials with a faster, more durable, and energy-efficient alternative.

Single Panel

VERO's customizable Single Panels are used as a supportive structure with application of structural plaster on both sides. They're perfect for partition and curtain walls.

Double Panel

VERO's customizable Double Panels consist of two single panels joined together with double horizontal connectors that are inserted into a space to be filled with shotcrete. They're ideal for reinforced concrete (RC) structural walls.

Curved Panel

VERO's customizable Curved Panels are used to create shape and cover large surfaces. They are manufactured in a flat shape and arranged to be curved later onsite so they can be easily transported. VERO provides a tool to curve the panel into its desired form.

Floor Panel

VERO's customizable Floor Panels are used for creating floors and roofs with reinforced concrete beams. They offer considerable advantages in terms of lightness, insulation, and assembly speed.

Stair Panel

VERO's customizable Stair Panels are shaped according to a project's specific design requirements and sandwiched between two steel wire meshes. They offer quick and easy installation combined with a distinct lightness and structural resistance.

Landing Panel

VERO's customizable Landing Panels are used to build landings, floors, and bi-directionally reinforced plates. They provide continuous insulation to the intrados of the panel.

A Better Way to Build


Structural Concrete Insulated Panels

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Our SCIP panels are built to be efficient, resilient, sustainable, and more affordable than traditional materials. We manufacture each panel to meet your specific design and building needs.

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We partner with developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, and more on both residential and commercial projects.

Our SCIP Panels are Miami-Dade, ISO, ASTM, ANSI, & ICC Certified, adhering to the strictest building standards in the US.


Innovating for a Sustainable Future

We are driven to provide the best building solution to an outdated and underserved U.S. marketplace. With a heart for the community, we are committed to leaving every place and person better than we found them.


Our globally recognized and proven product has been around for over 40 years.


Our superior panels have been used in over one million projects all around the world.


Our building system features a full range of panel options to complete your entire structure.

Increase Profit Margins

The value of a concrete structure is 25-35% higher on average than one built with traditional materials. We're also more affordable than concrete masonry units (CMU) block and insulated concrete forms (ICF) by up to 30%.


Vero Building Systems

Traditional Building Systems

Speed Up Construction Time

Quick and easy installation with smaller building crews and less man hours saves up to 40% on construction time. A 4-person crew can install the Vero Building System on an average 2,000 sq ft home, adding approximately two people per additional 1,000 sq ft.


Vero Building Systems

Traditional Building Systems

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KSNV 3 Las Vegas

"It's an economical way to build. The EPS foam gives you sound-deadening and wonderful insulation. With the concrete on the inside and outside, connected with our wire mesh pattern, it's fire-proof and hurricane-proof."
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WKMG Orlando

"Compared to the typical wood and concrete building materials, these large and lightweight panels make for a much faster and more efficient way to build from the ground up."
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WESH 2 Orlando

"Millions of structures in other countries already use this technology for stadiums, preschools and sheds in people’s backyards. It’s extremely versatile."
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FAQs for VERO Panels

VERO manufactures each panel to meet your specific design and building needs. Our panels are 48” wide and up to 40’ long, depending your requirements.

Our panels have been tested to meet and exceed building code requirements. These include requirements for hurricane force winds, protection against fire, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, and earthquakes. Please review your local building codes for specific building requirements.

Our panels are manufactured from two raw materials: double galvanized steel wire mesh and expanded polystyrene. Steel is sustainable and one of the most recycled products on earth. VERO manufactures polystyrene blocks without using any toxic chemicals. Not only that, but our panels are 100% recyclable.

Typically, our production cycle (from date of deposit/PO execution to complete panels loaded on a truck) is 8 weeks. When working with your account executive, please inquire about our current lead times.

We provide unlimited online training and guidance for the entirety of your build.

We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty against panel defects.

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