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Do the materials come pre-cut to size?

No. We use your plans calculate how many panels, and which type, you need for you project. We ship you just what you need, plus the equipment, materials and training you need to shape the panels – for example, making curved pieces.

Will I still need lumber?

Actually, you do need some lumber, for things like door and window frames, but the actual structure is made out of steel, EPS and concrete. The lumber required is, of cource, minimal compared to a wooden structure.

Do I need concrete?

Yes. There are two applications of concrete once the structure is built, electrical wiring and plumbing are installed and are up to code.The first application is to roughly fill the interior, and the second is a smooth, thinner coat for appearance.

Is this a new concept? Why haven't I heard of this?

In a word, no. The Vero system has been in use for nearly four decades in many different countries. Vero is one of the first companies to bring this to the United States after much success all over the world. We are proud to be bringing this concept to the U.S. with our partner in Italy.

What do I do with the waste from my build?

Recycle it! Vero provides you with equipment to gather excess material so that it can be 100% recycled into new panels. There is very little waste – everything used is recyclable.