May 29, 2023

Expanded Polystyrene: Your Best Alternative to Traditional Home Construction

Homebuyers are facing a wide range of issues as they try to secure the properties of their dreams.

When they search for existing homes, they encounter low inventory and soaring demand. Even as interest rates rise, there’s little slowdown in America’s overheated housing market.

Some prospective buyers turn to new construction. But, when they do, they encounter supply chain issuesclimbing material prices, as well as labor shortages.

When they go down the path of new construction, they find that it costs more than they want to spend and takes longer than they are willing to wait. It’s enough to make a prospective buyer keep renting in perpetuity.

What can homebuyers do?

They can seek out alternatives to traditional home construction.


Because of the housing market’s current challenges, alternative approaches to home construction are growing in popularity. One of the best alternatives is building with expanded polystyrene panels. 

At Vero, we manufacture expanded polystyrene panels right here in the U.S.A. We then ship the panels to your home site for fast, affordable, energy-efficient construction. Timelines move faster, and budgets get met when you choose expanded polystyrene panels. Doesn’t that sound refreshing in an age when the housing market is full of traps and challenges for prospective buyers? 

Here are the seven primary benefits of choosing expanded polystyrene as an alternative to traditional construction.


At Vero, we help our partners unlock a unique blend of quality and affordability for their clients. Expanded polystyrene construction uses lighter components and requires smaller teams for assembly, which naturally saves money. How much? Our partners are able to deliver 30% cost savings when compared to traditional construction. As home prices continue to rise across the country, there’s great appeal in saving 30%.

But there’s no sacrifice in quality. Homes made of expanded polystyrene panels are built to stand the test of time, including any natural disasters that may occur in your area. You may experience quality-for-affordability tradeoffs in other industries and with other types of products, but that’s not the case with this alternative to traditional construction.


We work in partnership with home builders that recognize the need for alternative construction methods. We manufacture the panels, and then we deliver them and supply the equipment for builders to quickly assemble the components. Our equipment includes tools for cutting, creating curves, assembling, and generally creating a beautiful home that is customized to meet your needs.

Our process helps project timelines move faster than ever before. While traditional construction projects get bogged down with material and labor issues, projects that include expanded polystyrene panels move forward at an accelerated pace. It’s not unusual for traditional construction projects to go well past their deadlines before reaching completion. When you choose expanded polystyrene panels, you don’t run into that problem.


You’ve likely read about the supply chain issues that are hindering all sorts of industries, home construction included. Using expanded polystyrene panels helps you sidestep those supply chain issues so that your project continues to push toward completion.

With traditional construction, you’re waiting on lumber from Canada, steel from China, as well as other materials from other parts of the world. It’s no wonder it takes longer than you’d like for those materials to arrive at your home site.

At Vero, we manufacture your panels right here in the United States, so there’s no wait for materials to make it across the ocean on ships. Our approach to construction also requires less lumber than traditional methods, which means your project is relatively insulated from volatility in the lumber market.


Many homebuyers are looking for properties that are more energy-efficient, which is another reason to choose expanded polystyrene as an alternative.

Our expanded polystyrene building systems use up to 65% less energy after occupation compared to traditional methods. Also, our panels are:

  • Fully recyclable.
  • Capable of self-extinguishing in case of fire.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Resistant to pests, mold and humidity.

There’s no safer or more eco-friendly approach to home construction.


When you think of alternative construction methods like expanded polystyrene, you may think alternatives limit what you can do design-wise. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Our building systems are designed with creativity and versatility in mind. You can even use our expanded polystyrene panels in conjunction with wood and block components to create the home of your dreams. There’s no limit to what you can do with our building systems.


We care about the way your home looks, of course, but we care even more about its long-term strength and durability. 

Expanded polystyrene modules like the ones we use at Vero are stronger and more durable than what you get with traditional construction methods. When you want a home that stands the test of time, it’s time to explore alternatives.


Prospective homeowners typically worry about similar things. They worry about:

  • Settling for cookie-cutter designs.
  • Durability during natural disasters.
  • Energy-efficiency and related costs after occupation.
  • Long-term strength that keeps your home open to future generations.

Expanded polystyrene panels can assuage your worries and give you peace of mind for years to come. 

Our building systems are highly customizable, allowing you to achieve the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of. And we’ve already mentioned durability against natural disasters, energy-efficiency, and long-term strength that will keep your home occupied for generations to come. Imagine walking into your new home worry-free. It’s a feeling that all new homeowners should experience. But it’s one that only expanded polystyrene delivers reliably.


We are proud to use the Vero Building System, which has been helping prospective homebuyers create the properties of their dreams for more than 40 years now. 

Vero’s expanded polystyrene panels are modular and enclosed by double-galvanized steel mesh. At Vero, we manufacture these panels right here in the United States, and then we carefully ship them to your building site. We work with your home builder, providing the equipment and training workers on how to assemble your home for long-term strength and durability.

Homeowners around the world are now living in structures that were created using Vero products — and they are enjoying the range of benefits you see listed above.