May 19, 2023

Technology to Build Hurricane-Proof Homes Making its Way to Florida

Construction is underway on a demo home in Kissimmee, but it isn’t being built with your typical materials. Instead, it’s being built with panels.

“Essentially what the panels are is a poly-styrene core and then double galvanized steel mesh on the outside. Then you finish the panels with shotcrete,” CEO and co-founder of Vero Building Systems Annette Rubin said.

Rubin says millions of structures in other countries already use this technology for stadiums, preschools and sheds in people’s backyards.

“It’s extremely versatile. It can even be used for sea walls, roadways, bridges, sidewalks,” Rubin said.

The panels are light enough to lift, but with the shotcrete lining, Rubin says they are strong enough to withstand a hurricane.

“It’s very durable, very resistant to storms, fires. It’s even bulletproof and blast proof too,” she said.

We took a tour through the demo home that’s located at the very first plant in Florida. It’s only the second plant in the U.S.

Ryan Skelly with SCIP Construction says the homes only take a few days to build.

“We started yesterday mid-morning and today, we’ll wrap up the framing. Tomorrow, we’ll do the shotcrete,” he said. “Definitely faster, without a doubt. Quicker than a cinderblock build, definitely faster than that.”

The technology is promised to improve insulation, but Rubin says the most important aspect is its capability to protect.

“We currently are in talks with a lot of different builders and developers for all types of projects. Bulletproof schools, hospitals where you don’t have to evacuate your NICU or ICU when a storm is coming… We foresee this expanding and being used for all different varieties of buildings,” she said.

Skelly says when it comes to construction costs, this technology is cheaper than block, but more expensive than traditional wood-framed homes.

Click here to watch the WESH 2 News video segment featuring Annette Rubin, CEO and Co-Founder of Vero Building Systems.

Written by Megan Mellado
Originally Published on WESH 2 News