March 21, 2023

Vero Building Systems Debuts Eco-Friendly, Durable Building Solution

Vero Building Systems has brought a groundbreaking building method that utilizes expanded polystyrene as an alternative to traditional construction materials to the U.S. at scale for the first time. The expanded polystyrene panels are modular and enclosed by double-galvanized steel mesh, and can be used to build residential single-family homes, multi-family buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges, restaurants, office buildings, industrial sheds and more.

The panels reduce construction costs by up to 30% and timelines by up to 40%. Compared to other building methods, the panels are more environmentally friendly. During a build, 40% less Co2 emissions are created when using the panels, and 65% less Co2 is created over the lifetime of the structure. No waste is created in the manufacturing of the panels; every scrap is recycled and reused. Manufacturing the panels requires no harmful chemicals, and no harmful emissions are generated. The costs of building with expanded polystyrene panels are also less than traditional building methods.

Originally Published on Construction Superintendent